What happens when companies make confusing announcements?​


Company A is offering fund management services to the public. Its organizational structure and how it manages the fund can affect public policies. It makes several announcements about selling and buying its shares in another company indecisively. The potential investors, media, policymakers, and people make assumptions, predictions, and accusations based on claims with and without proof out of confusion.


There is a problem with the announcements made by Company A. They are unclear and indecisive, leading to assumptions, predictions, and accusations by potential investors, media, and policymakers.

The cause of the problem is the uncertain statements made by Company A and the inappropriate timing of those announcements.

To solve this problem, two levels of action can be taken. At the individual communication level, it is important for each person at Company A to be a good listener, ask clarifying questions, and answer questions to ensure that everyone understands the general points of the announcements. It’s critical to ensure that everyone feels heard and that their ideas and opinions are valued, even if they aren’t accepted for valid reasons.

At the organizational level, it’s important for management, the board of directors, investors, and staff to remind each other of the company’s purpose. Once everyone is clear on the company’s goals, they should provide feedback on the plan and answer any questions to ensure that everyone has a good understanding. 

It’s also important to identify and summarize important points and go through good, bad, and worst-case scenarios to prepare for potential reactions. 

If the announcement is too significant, it’s helpful to break it down into smaller parts and adjust based on feedback without losing the essence of the message.

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