Printable Instruction Manual

Need help printing out your book? Read the printable instruction manual for a step-by-step guide how to print your very own book at home.

Printable Instructions – A Step-By-Step Guide

How to Open Your Printable
Password – Use the password in your email receipt to open and print out your book.
PDF Readers – You can Use Foxit PDF Reader or Adobe Reader DC.

How to Print Your Printable
Click on File, then Print. Follow the steps below to print out your book.

Printing Checklist & Tips
• Grayscale printing
• A4 paper
• Portrait orientation
• Print Handling – None/Actual Size
• Single-sided printing
• Test print one page

Foxit PDF Reader

printable - Foxit Reader 1/2
printable - Foxit Reader 2/2

Adobe Reader DC

printable - Adobe Reader DC 1/2
printable - Adobe Reader DC 2/2

How to Fold Your Printable
Use the folding marks found near the margins to help you align the paper.
Make sure that the page numbers are in order before binding.

printable - folding

How to Bind Your Printable
Organize all of the pages in order from the cover to the back cover.
Align the pages together and hold them firmly.
Use a stapler and press firmly down until the book is bound.
It is recommended to use at least two staples.

printable - binding
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