Law Commitment

Every country or nation has its ruler. The ruler and those working under the ruler are responsible for creating and implementing the laws for the people. Laws give and protect the legitimate rights of those who deserve the rights in the land.

The people are responsible for following the laws except when the laws force the people to go against the laws of the Creator of everything. When the ruler and the people are honest in carrying out their responsibilities, the two blessings, independence, and peace of the land, can be preserved out of gratefulness.

My Maq Aky is committed to respecting and following the laws in Malaysia. There are general and specific laws related to the business type of My Maq Aky. Those laws explained below are what My Maq Aky is aware of and adheres to currently. One of the sources about Malaysia laws used by My Maq Aky is

My Maq Aky hopes this page will increase your confidence in our commitment to balancing your and our rights while delivering our service.

My May Aky is registered with The Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM) as My Maq Aky Enterprise.

  • The registration number is 202103349171 (003344032-D).
  • Registered on November 26, 2021, and needs to be renewed before December 26, 2023. 
  • The registered business code is 70203 for consultancy in public relations and communications. My May Aky is focusing on communication only. There are several more registered business codes, but My Maq Aky doesn’t offer those services for now.
  • My Maq Aky Enterprise shows up on MYDATA. It is a legitimate and legal source of information on companies and businesses incorporated and registered in Malaysia for the public. 


My Maq Aky is registered with the Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia (IRBM or LHDN).

  • The tax is submitted as an individual (sole proprietorship) with business income.
  • My Maq Aky files the tax online through yearly. Between March and June.

My Maq Aky is striving to follow the guidelines of the Personal Data Protection Act 2010.

  • My May Aky refers to the details of that Act from the official website of the Department of Personal Data Protection.
  • The Privacy Data clause in our Terms & Conditions on the website explains how My Maq Aky handles your data.

My Maq Aky is not required to apply for any license.

The business module of My Maq Aky doesn’t need to apply for any license including the only license mentioned by  under The Ministry of Domestic Trade and Cost Of Living Affairs called ‘Approval to Conduct Business under the Unregulated Services Sector (Unregulated Services Sector)‘.

It is a Letter of Approval to Conduct Business under the Unregulated Services Sector (Unregulated Services Sector) for Foreign Companies in Malaysia.

It was confirmed by a Ministry representative when My Maq Aky contacted the related department over the phone in early July 2023.