My Maq Aky was started in 2012 by the former Malaysian journalist Nur Ainne. 

She graduated with a Diploma In Integrative Journalism from the Malaysia Institute of Integrative Media MIIM, Wangsa Maju ( known as Akademi TV3 before ) in 2006. MIIM, although it stopped operating in 2007, produced many talents in the Malaysian communication sector, for example, Ashwad Ismail, the Editor-in-Chief of Astro Awani News & Future Affairs Network, and Kumaran Rajamoney, the Regional Correspondent at Sistem Televisyen Malaysia Berhad (TV3).

Between 2006 and 2008, Nur Ainne did her journalism training at Malay Mail Newspaper (previously under the management of NSTP in Bangsar) and as a contributing entertainment journalist supervised by the then-respected entertainment editor, Adly Syairi Ramly ( he is heading Thinker Studios now).

She later joined Bernama Radio24 in 2008 to produce entertainment radio programs. Years after that, she worked for Asian Timber Magazine under the management of SHP Media Sdn Bhd.

Up for the new challenge, she accepted the opportunity given by the then Country Manager, Amar Razali, in 2011 to be the Head of Marketing of an educational organization called Al-Maghrib Malaysia. It was the beginning of applying her journalistic skills in communication for marketing, sales, cleaning management, dealing with authorities, public relations, team building, customer service, and sector and industry clients reaching targeted respective goals.

After that, she started her event management business in 2012 called My Maq Aky. Her journalistic skills led to designing and organizing personalized private events for clients to communicate feelings to add value to their relationships.

Not long after the birth of her daughter in 2016, she chose to take a break from My Maq Aky. She focused on gaining beneficial spiritual and worldly knowledge, especially manners in speech through open sources, being a wife, and homeschooling mother.

She tried to resume My Maq Aky with the publishing business between 2018 and 2022. Along the way, she realized her deep passion is improving people’s art of communication in their manners of speech through her research-based journalistic skills. An online micro-business, My Maq Aky, offering communication consultancy for businesses and companies to add value to profit after tax is finally founded in 2023.

Seeing online and verbal comments about the disputable quality level of customer service, cleaning management, team building, sector and industry clients, and dealing with the authorities, she is eager to do her part in the economic ecosystem through My Maq Aky together with contract employees.

Employing contract employees is her way of helping others to earn a second living wage income legally and respectfully.

Below are some of her articles during her journalism stint.