A Micro-Sized Publishing Enterprise

MY MAQ AKY is a micro-sized publishing enterprise established in mid 2021. It is located in Subang Jaya, Malaysia. 

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The Best Online Educational Materials

Produce relatable, reliable and affordable educational materials for children, parents, teachers and caretakers.

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Children Storybooks

As for now, it focuses on writing relatable, reliable and affordable children’s storybooks for readers aged 12 years old and below only.

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Cycle of Life

The style of writing and illustration in our Children’s storybooks are developed from time to time for readers to understand almost everything in life clearly.

Gratitude and Patience

It is hoped, through our children’s storybooks, children, parents, teachers and caretakers can reach their real potential, share beneficial knowledge with others, and move forward with positivity through gratitude and beautiful patience.

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Business Ethics

Innovation, environment, sustainability, rights, purpose and business ethics are influencing how it is running the company.

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MY MAQ AKY welcomes beneficial feedback. It is needed to boost its growth. We are aiming to grow from a loan-free enterprise, to a sustainable medium-sized company with branches to create more meaningful careers for those who share the same vision and passion.

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